2015, After a year of restoration John and Pete Zaccagnino returned to the races to win Jet Gold again with Vampire Race 24 502.37 mph.

Anna Boardman was crew chief for Mike Mangold racing L-39 Blue Merlin Race 39 winning  3d place Jet Silver.

​1997 and 1998 John started his career into Air Racing by interning with LD and Tony Corbo. There he worked on Strega and helped build Voodoo while learning speed secrets of the trade.

2009, 2010,  John became Mike Mangold's Crew Chief. The Viper powered L-29 Euro Burner Race 12 was cleaned up from a 3rd place racer to a first place pole dancer as John incorporated those speed secrets he had learned. 2009 2d place jet gold 510.29 mph qual. 2010 2d place jet gold 519.36 mph qual.

2011 The team switched to a Pratt and Whitney JT12 powered L-29 Blue Tones Race 79. 2011 1st place finisher but after penalties placed 4th, 538.6 mph qual.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, John crewed for Team Voodoo Race 5. Tweak after Tweak the former Voodoo Chile Race 55 got faster and became one of the crowds favorite unlimited racers. 2002 3rd place unlimited gold.

2012, John joined forces with Pete Zaccignino racing L-29 Race 707, L-39 Race 28 and Sport class Race 28. 

2003 and 2004 John crewed for Sean Carroll flying a Yak 9 Russian Roulette Race 104.

2013, John as crew chief returned with Pete Zaccagnino to win Jet Gold with the L-29 Just Lucky Race 24  509.89 mph

2017, John with Zack McNeill was back in black with the former Vampire Phatty that is now Stealth Race 44. The team won 2d place Jet Gold.

The team provided support to Bob McCormick who flew Soko-O-No  to win 2d place Jet Silver and Soko Wildest Dreams to win 1st place Jet Bronze.

2006, 2007 John finally made it to the esteemed position of "Crew Chief" and the start of his Jet class racing for Brad Morehouse flying an L-39 Dino Juice Race 4.  After modifications Brad was able to reach 504.29 mph qual from 419.57 mph qual.

Gone West, John honors Brad through the quality of work he puts into every aircraft he works on.......

and still keeps his special promise to Brad to this day.


2016, John acquired a Vampire for Ultimate Aviation. Zack McNeill flew Vampire Phatty Race 44 to 3d place Jet Gold

Anna Boardman was crew chief for Jon Socolof in the Soko Galeb G2 Soko-O-No Race 4